A taste of transparency

Transparency is our mantra. Why? Because we want you to see the real us. No filters. That’s why we have chosen simple, transparent packaging. Laying ourselves bare. No wrapping is introduced into the environment either, no extra paper in the waste cycle. You can’t only see our transparency; you can feel it!

Our flavors are honest, homemade, authentic. We don’t allow any kind of preservatives, neither in our production nor our raw materials. Even if it means changing supplier or ingredient, we make no exceptions to this rule. Our recipes are simple. Carefully chosen high-quality ingredients stand out, our palates able to enjoy their flavors to the full (we eat them first ourselves every day!!)

We do as we eat! With authenticity…

Open&Eat – semplicemente Italiano

Preservatives? No thank you

We choose: NO preservatives, because we are fervent believers in healthy food.  It’s important to make this clear, even more so with ready meals like those of Open&Eat.

To be sure that a product is truly healthy, both of the following must be on the label:

  • preservative-free
  • no added preservatives

No added preservatives means that preservatives are NOT added during meal preparation. However, there could be some in the ingredients. For us at Open&Eat, this wouldn’t be good enough. We choose to be extremely firm on this.  NO to added preservatives and NO to preservatives in ingredients. We would rather not sell you anything. We want to serve you with integrity.

Open&Eat – simply Italian, strictly without preservatives

Let’s cook!

Here is the Open & Eat kitchen…doesn’t it smell good? WOW!

Like the kitchen of every Italian, it’s full of joy and happiness, creativity, tradition and know-how. The ingredients of our delicious dishes. Fresh herbs and aromas ready to play their part as the onion simmers and the sauce boils…mmmm

Rice salad today, potato gateau on Thursdays, legumes on Fridays, and lasagna on Sundays, as is tradition!! You find it hard to follow these old rules, so useful for a balanced diet? Don’t worry! Open&Eat is here! Flavors and knowledge fill our pots and pans. It tastes great!

Ours are not secrets though: the recipes come from Italian regional traditions. The carefully chosen fresh ingredients, with no preservatives, possess taste and scents that only genuine Italian cuisine can guarantee. Our chefs are here for you… are there any dishes you would like us to prepare? You can write to us at info@open-eat.it.

Open&Eat – semplicemente Italiano

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